Idle Delivery City Tycoon:
Cargo Transit Empire

Can you build the most efficient megapolis?
Become the best mayor in history! Make decisions about building city improvements, production of goods, and delivering cargo. Bring your megapolis to prosperity!

Develop your city, improve transport, expand cargo delivery network, upgrade roads, trucks, trains, and ships. Become a true transit tycoon.

Start small with a single factory and gradually grow production to expand the geography of your deliveries. Produce new goods: furniture, toys, materials, and others.

Research new technologies to raise the quality and cost of goods and make more profit.

Find the best way to ship goods into towns. Manage distribution by trucks, trains, and cargo freighters.

Upgrade trucks to get the coolest model! Improve ships into cargo freighters. Create new railroads and run trains. Higher-level transport will also travel faster and carry more cargo.

Activate a special cargo transit boost to increase your delivery speed by 300% and earn more cash!

Hire five-star managers to get a powerful income boost in towns.

Find an ideal balance between factory production, town demand, and transportation. Cargo delivery isn't as easy as it seems!

Raise the quality of life for your citizens:

— improve infrastructure, make room for business centers, police stations, banks, stock exchanges, shopping malls, and airports;

— plan your city layout — build cottages, apartment buildings, lofts, and skyscrapers; place parks and city squares;

— open movie theaters and theme parks to entertain residents; build a massive hydroelectric power plant to power the entire region.

Try out different city-building strategies. Get bonuses from research and buildings, hire additional managers who will help you collect cash when you're playing and collect income while offline. Spend smart to maximize profit.

If you love the incremental genre — idlers, clickers, tycoons, and other games with extensive upgrade systems, then Idle Delivery City Tycoon is a game for you!

The fate of the city and its residents is in your hands, and it's up to you to make it prosper!
iOS, Android


English, Russian

February 7th, 2020 — Android
May 25th, 2020 — iOS
What do the colored bars in the city development menu mean?
They show the status of goods' transportation, production and consumption comparing to each other. Colored indicators will help you to find the balance between the elements.
What elements and colors are matching?
The transport indicator is marked with blue color, the production indicator has an orange color and the consumption indicator goes green.
I've got a briefcase. Where I can see it and how it can be opened?
Here you can open received briefcases and get even more when fulfilling certain conditions.
What is the highest level of upgrade for sales managers in the game?
5-star managers are the highest available upgrade level in the game.
Does the dam have any use?
Dam gives you a bonus regional income every time you upgrade it.
How often does the cruise ship arrive?
The cruise ship arrives twice daily at 10:00 and at 18:00 by the local time and stays in port for 4 hours after the arrival.
The game does not work with no network connection. Why does it happen?
Please don't worry. The game and your device are fine. This is one of the characteristics of this type of games. This is specific for all games of this type.