Idle Antique Gym Tycoon:
Incremental Odyssey

He came,he saw,he got rich!
Immerse yourself in the world of Ancient Greek mythology and create a training empire for gladiators and sportsmen.

Build an epic gladiator training camp. Discover what kind of workout routines they used to prepare for battles at the great Colosseum.

Are you ready for the Odyssey? Then onwards!

This game is a unique mesh of genres: clicker, idle, and city builder games. They are interwoven by a thrilling story, rich with an atmosphere of myth and antique mystery.

Start with a humble makeshift camp. Upgrade your equipment. Add new training grounds. Expand. And before you know it — you'll find yourself owning an epic giant complex with a racetrack, spa, and even a volcano.

Raise your own heroes of legend ready to participate in competitions of a worldwide scale. Win and earn glory to your name.

Build numerous and ever-expanding unique training facilities: from jogging and push-ups to archery and horse racing. Help your clients unwind after intense training in thermae. Or drive them to exhaustion by infamous Sisyphus labour.

Game features:

— One of the authors is a gladiator veteran of 40 years of experience.

— The storyline is inspired by memories of Odysseus himself.

— Our artist personally visited ancient cities to recreate the cozy feeling of antiquity.

— While working on this project we got personally acquainted with Ancient Greek Mythos and Heracles himself.

— No ancient gods were harmed in the process of making of this game (except Hermes) — although we have nothing to do with it.

— This game was made by the personal order of Caesar.

Try out different strategies to make your camp the best there is! Hire new heroes and gladiators to improve your business' prestige. Shorten the waiting lines, improve the exercise equipment, and earn the gods' favour. Stack up the research bonuses and hire managers that will help you earn money while you are offline.

If you like relaxing games with upgrades, you will enjoy Idle Antique Tycoon. It's a simple game where you will need to make strategic decisions to build the most profitable business.
iOS, Android


English, Russian

April 16th, 2020 — Android
May 22th, 2020 — iOS
The income per minute doesn't seem to be working properly
The income per minute is an estimate. In short periods of time i.e. minutes, it may not be correct as each exercise needs more or less time to do. But in long periods of time i.e. several hours, the income per minute will be correct.
My gym has reset! Is this a bug?
This is normal, even a good thing! This happens when you decide to open a new, better gym. When you do this, you need to start over again, but you get way more income and advance further in the game.
Can I restart my gym?
If you have already linked your account to Google Play you won't be able to link a new account. If you haven't, then please uninstall the game and download it again. You may lose all of your purchases during the process.
I have enough money for an upgrade, but the button is grayed out
That's because you need a different amount for this upgrade. Please take into account the following:

Quadrillions ― q

Quintillions ― Q

Sextillions ― s

Septillions ― S

Decillions ― d

Duodecillions ― D
Problems with your purchase?
Please contact our customer support, making sure to include your proof of purchase.